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Alalunga "Cocochas de Merluza en Aceite de Oliva" Hake Cheeks in Olive Oil

Alalunga "Cocochas de Merluza en Aceite de Oliva" Hake Cheeks in Olive Oil

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"Cocochas de Merluza" Without a doubt, the most exquisite part of the hake (merluza). Each cheek is carefully removed and delicately slow-cooked before being preserved in high-quality olive oil from the region of Navarra. Tinning and preserving the cococha is extremely rare, and this makes this conserve truly unique. Canned cocochas offer a taste of maritime delight, capturing the essence of the sea. These tender, flavorful delicacies are preserved at peak freshness, allowing gastronomes to relish their unique texture and rich flavour anytime, anywhere. A delectable treat that brings the ocean's allure to your palate with every bite.


Keep in a cool, dry place. For an optimal experience, it is recommended to consume at room temperature and in its entirety once the can has been opened.


To fully enjoy the product, we recommend heating the closed can by immersing it in a container of very hot water for at least a couple of minutes, drying the can, and consuming it whole once opened. 



European hake Cheeks (Merluccius Merluccius), Arbequina extra virgin olive oil (7%), and Mineral Salt from Añana spring.


Net Weight 134g (4.73oz)

Drained Weight 74g (2.61oz)