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Tinned Fish & Seafood Recipes

  • Sautéed Tinned Razor Clams with Garlic

    Plump and meaty, razor clams are rich in flavour and have a firm bite. This is a great dish that's quick to prepare and big on taste.

    Any tin of razor clams will do but for this version we've used Jose Gourmet Razor Shells in Brine.

  • Pasta with Smoked Oysters and Tomato

    A quick and easy pasta dish made with smoked oysters, tomato and basil that takes only about 20 minutes to make. These smoked oysters from Ekone Oyster Co are firm and flavourful and work really well in this dish. We've used fresh cherry tomatoes here, but you could also used canned plum tomates, holding back the juice.   
  • Tinned Fish Smørre­brød (Danish Open-Face Sandwiches)

    Smørre­brød, Danish open-face sandwiches, are the perfect vehicle for tinned fish and, conveniently, for using up leftovers you have in the fridge....
  • Simple Lemony Caper Mackerel Salad

    Meet this simple mackerel salad, similar to a Nicoise salad with green beans, new potatoes and hard boiled eggs. We love using the Patagonia Provisions Lemon Caper Mackerel in Olive Oil in this dish as the fish is preserved in a delicious marinade that nicely compliments this dish.
  • Tinmonger launches to bring the joy of tinned fish and seafood to Canadians

    Tinned fish is having a moment. Follow the hashtag #tinnedfish on Instagram and you will be dazzled with images of glistening fish and exotic seafood in artfully decorated little tins.
  • Smoked Salmon Caviar and Ruffle Chips

    There is nothing we love more than food that is both easy and elegant. This smoked salmon caviar, creme fraiche and ruffle chip appetizer is just that. With only three ingredients, you can pull this together and look like the host with the most at a moment's notice.
  • Tinned Canadian Lobster Roll

    Everyone loves a classic lobster roll and we simply adore this tinned lobster version using Scout's Atlantic Canadian Lobster. It makes it so much ...
  • Tinned Alaskan Smoked Salmon Dip

    This delicious, creamy dip is made with Alaskan tinned smoked salmon which is really the star of the show. It's seasoned with lemon, dill and chive...
  • Bucatini with Tinned Sardines and Tomato Sauce

    This delicious pasta dish is easy and quick to prepare - perfect for a weeknight dinner as you could easily have these ingredients to hand in your pantry. The sardines elevate this from something ordinary to something really special. We recommend using good quality sardines in olive oil, it will make all the difference.