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Jose Gourmet Cuttlefish in Ink with Shrimp Pate  - 75g

Jose Gourmet Cuttlefish in Ink with Shrimp Pate - 75g

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Pate, but make it fashion. Jet black ink leaves an impression on both the eyes and palate. Rich and deeply umami yet fresh and craveable.

In their pate debut, cuttlefish and shrimp delight the senses with their strong but seductive flavors. The ink, already visually striking, imparts a unique and delicious taste of the sea. A crowd pleaser without debate, you may want to keep this one to yourself once you realize just how delicious it can be.

TASTING: deep, complex, umami, brine
PAIRING: skin-contact natural wine, gose style beer, herbal liquor
SERVING: dark horse on a sea-cuterie board with fresh veggies, nuts, and pickles