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Tinmonger launches to bring the joy of tinned fish and seafood to Canadians

Toronto, October 2021 – New online brand, with the finest selection of conservas from the world’s top producers, launches in Canada.

Tinned fish is having a moment. Follow the hashtag #tinnedfish on Instagram and you will be dazzled with images of glistening fish and exotic seafood in artfully decorated little tins.

Bloomberg anticipates the market for tinned fish, known as conservas in Spain and Portugal, to grow to $36.7Billion in 2021, up from $29.75 Billion in 2016, and while much of this growth is in Europe and Asia, the Canadian market is starting to pay attention.

Tinmonger launched in Canada this month with the largest selection of tinned fish and seafood available in one easy-to-shop online store, complete with recipes and tips for serving. With high-end, pretty tins from Spain, Portugal, France, Demnark, the U.S. and Canada, Tinmonger wants to change the perception of canned fish and seafood here in Canada.

Toronto-based Tinmonger Co-Founder, Leonie Tait, said, “This isn’t your ordinary supermarket canned fish – these are gourmet products from artisanal producers, prepared by hand and packed in pretty tins that are often as appealing to have on your pantry shelf as their contents. Adding a few tins to your grazing board will immediately elevate what you’re serving and make for an Instagram worthy moment.”

Tinmonger Co-founders

In Spain, one of the leaders in conservas production, canned seafood isn’t something people keep in the back of their pantries for emergencies. They are high quality, luxury brands often served in restaurants as a tapas dish, directly from the can. Whether it’s luxurious tuna belly in extra virgin olive oil, crowd pleasers like sardines or more adventurous options like cockles, razor clams, or baby eels, Tinmonger has the widest variety and breadth of products from around the world; plus, it’s easy to buy online and have delivered to your door.

Tait adds, “We are passionate about this way of eating – it’s delicious, has a long shelf life, it’s environmentally-sustainable and really healthy; tinned fish is something we anticipate Canadians will start to eat more and more.”

Grazing board with seacuterie

About Tinmonger

At Tinmonger, our mission is to bring the joy of conservas to Canadians. Tinmonger is run by Leonie Tait and Jonathan Larrad, a Toronto-based couple who are passionate about changing the perception of tinned fish and seafood here in Canada. Hailing from Spain and the UK originally, they grew up eating conservas and seeing them in bars, served as a tapa straight from the can. Tinmonger curates a gourmet collection of canned fish and seafood from the World's top producers, providing an easy online shopping experience and delivery to your door.

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