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Tinned Fish Smørre­brød (Danish Open-Face Sandwiches)

Smørre­brød, Danish open-face sandwiches, are the perfect vehicle for tinned fish and, conveniently, for using up leftovers you have in the fridge. The key is to use rye bread, specifically Danish rye, as a flavourful base for those delicious toppings.

Danish open faced sandwiches

Here are our combinations, but the beauty of these lovely little sandwiches is that you can use whatever you have to hand, and of course some great tinned fish.

1. Trout, pickled onions and dill

For this sandwich, we buttered the bread first and layered on Jose Gourmet's Smoked Trout Fillets in Olive Oil which work wonderfully well with the classic combination of pickled red onion and dill.

2. Smoked mackerel, creme fraiche and cucumber ribbon

For this sandwich, we used Jose Gourmet's smoked mackerel in olive oil, which has a lovely smoky flavour. It is nicely complimented by the cool cucumber and creme fraiche layer underneath. 

3. Sardines, hard boiled egg, pickled onion and parsley

Again for this one, we buttered the bread first and added small sardines in olive oil from Los Peperetes, followed by slices of hard boiled egg and topped it off with the pickled red onion and parsley.

4. Tuna, capers, pickled beet, dill and creme fraiche

This sandwich starts out with a layer of sharp beet, followed by Scout smoked wild albacore tuna, capers, dill and a dollop of creme fraiche to set it off. 


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